Monday, November 12, 2007

Double the follicles, double the fun

I just got an update from Liane. She has 10 follicles today. That's great news. She's doubled the number she had since yesterday.

I was a little worried yesterday when she only had 5 because I looked back at my records of my office visits when I was being stimulated, and I usually had 10-12 follicles at the first ultrasound. However, this was good and bad. I ended up hyperstimulated most of the time, which was miserable, and all of my eggs turned out to be genetically-impaired. I've decided this is the politically correct way to say they were effed up.

My doctor has told me that we are looking for quality, not quantity from Liane. However, I can't help but think that the more we have, the better the chance that we'll have several good ones. I have to stop stressing so much.

I received instructions from the nurse a few minutes ago. I have to increase my oral estrace to 3 times per day, instead of 2 times per day. They do this once the donor's eggs get bigger than 1.2 cm. Liane's were around 1.3 today. More estrogen...just what my body needs. I would say wish me good luck, but it's really Billy who needs it. He's dealing with a hormonal nutcase...maybe that's why he's always off at "softball games" or "business dinners."

That reminds me of the time the last cycle we did where I got so emotional from all of the hormones. I was a wreck. Those of you who know me well know that I'm not easy to upset, and to see me cry is a rare occurrence. Well, during that cycle, Billy and I were in the car on our way somewhere, and we were probably running late, since this is standard operating procedure for Billy. Then, I get all stressed out because I am a very prompt person. Anyway, he was driving like his usual maniac self, and I was getting scared. I asked him to slow down and get over in the right lane. He snapped at me, and told me not to be such a back seat driver, and I fell apart. I started crying and said, "I don't know why you always have to be so mean to me." I knew it was the hormones, but I couldn't stop. He actually did slow down and became very concerned about me. Maybe I should try this approach more often, instead of my usual screaming approach that sounds something like this: "We are going to DIE!"


lori said...

les-zig, i just caught up on the cycle and am thrilled the eggs are growing well and your lining is thickening up. i'm also going to go to bed still laughing at your entrys. you're taking me back to the hormonal craze - this is an insane process, but the humor you bring to it is priceless! can't wait for tomorrow's update. L

Anonymous said...

Way to go Liane's overies! They may be dirty, but the seem to work well!! By the way, next time Wes is driving like a maniac, I will try the crying approach to slow him down...Anything to try and save our lives!

Jamie said...

sounds like things are progressing in a "lovely" way...I'm thrilled to hear it! And I'm with you...why can't weight gain ever be in the area where we want it? Chest would be a perfect place :-)